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Istanbul The Magic city

Istanbul The Magic city

Istambul The Magic city - your trip guide
Istanbul The Magic city – your trip guide

Today I chose for you a very beautiful destination of many travelers and just married couples. Wonderful, not very far from many countries and one of the cheapest travel destinations. Istanbul is a historic and tourist city that attracts the attention of passionate travelers around the world
I have prepared this article which is the subject of a planning to make the preparation of your trip to Istanbul easier for you so that you can enjoy your holidays or honeymoon to the max

:Good to know before traveling to Istanbul

You can find flights to Istanbul from 250€ to 500€ round-trip, the earliest you book the better you’ll manage to find a cheaper flight. You have already booked the hotel! (The most convenient thing is to book a hotel nearby Sultan Ahmet or Taksim)
Saying that your hotel is near Taksim; you may find a 3-star hotel (cheap and not bad at all!) for 270€ up to 500€ for 6 nights for a single room

What is also good to know is that the best is to bring with you your credit cards (international) or you can also exchange at the airport or at exchange offices when you need the Turkish Liras ( there is no point in keeping the Turkish currency outside Turkey!). You have to know that 1TRY = 0.44€

The best is to use the public transportations (Metro and Tramway) to 2TRY and you should know that it does not work after 11 pm

Please check here the Tramway map of Istanbul city

:First day in Istanbul

The best way to enjoy the first day is to book a morning flight to be in Istanbul early in the afternoon

You will take a bus from Istanbul airport to Taksim for 10 TRY (which is equivalent to 4.5€). It will take 35 minutes up to 45 minutes to get to Taksim Square (you can use the subway also for 2TRY). You will go to the hotel first to drop off your luggage and take a shower. then you can go to a restaurant in Istiklal (there are plenty!) You can ask for Haçi Salih Restaurant your meal there won’t go more than 60TRY but no matter what you eat, you will never regret

Take a tour of Istiklal, you will love the awake avenue! you can use the small red tramway at 2TRY.

Then choose any restaurant for dinner; Turkish food is very delicious! To save money, you can go to a snack, you will spend about 15TRY only

:Second day in Istanbul

If breakfast is included in the hotel fees, do not miss it! it will give you energy for your day. Go take a walk at Taksim Square before starting your Istanbul sightseeing

Then take the subway (2TRY) from Taksim to Kabataş and from there take the Tramway (2TRY) to Sultan Ahmet

You will start with the Harm (15TRY per visit) and then go to the Blue Mosque “Topkapı Sarayı” (20TRY per visit), spend 3 hours in between. You have to know that it is open every day from 9am to 6pm and closed on Tuesday

Take your lunch at a restaurant nearby for example: Konyali Restaurant (Topkapi Saray) and expect to spend around 35TRY

Then go to Aya Sophia. It is near the blue mosque(entry is 10TRY), it is open every day from 9am to 5pm except Mondays

Then go to a cafe to take a rest. I propose for you a Turkish tea in Gülhane sur Café a typical coffee-shop nearby the tramway station “Gulhane” and have fun… you will listen to beautiful songs in a romantic atmosphere.

Take the Tramway and if you stayed outside over 11pm you can take a yellow taxi to go back to the hotel; more expensive but more convenient. To Taksim it will you will spend up to 24TRY

:Third day in Istanbul

I advise you to visit the Dolmabache Palace (Dolmabahçe Sarayı) which is located at Besiktas area (not far from the subway station “Kabatash”, you can walk to there. It is a very beautiful walk along the beach) the entrance will cost you 26TRY and it’s open from 9am to 5pm and closed on Mondays and Thursdays

There is a palace on the same road “Beylerbeyi palace” whose entrance is for 10TRY and it is open from 9am to 5pm and closed Mondays and Thursdays too. You can enjoy the walk and visit it as well

If you still have time, do not hesitate to visit the YILDIZ PALACE in the Besiktas area on your way back. It is open from 9am to 6pm and closed on Tuesdays. the entrance is for 10TRY too

Then spend a quiet romantic evening on the ledge overlooking the Bosphorus

:fourth day in Istanbul

Today will be a special day !!! you will go to the princess islands. Have breakfast and take the subway from Taksim to Kabatash. You are close to Galata Port. Buy your cruise tickets (for 4TRY and take 40 minutes to get the island) to Buyukada (the largest and most beautiful princess island. There you have a ride only using horses or bicycles

While waiting for the cruise, you can go to a coffee-shop overlooking the Bosphorus, it is not at all expensive … it shows on the menu on this picture

The trip will be wonderful! you can take pictures throughout the trip. So, on the island, you can take a coach ride (called Hantur for 50TRY) around the island, think about making stops to take pictures and enjoy nature

Go to a restaurant to taste fresh fish.

Rent bicycles at a not very expensive price and go for a ride yourself, you will not get lost, but what I am sure of is that you will find beautiful places where to spend time.

Go have a Turkish tea before leaving the island, or go to a snack to taste the Turkish pizza it is very delicious and it is the specialty of the region.

:Fifth day in Istanbul

After breakfast, take the Taksim subway to Kabatash, then the Kabatash Tramway to Gulhane. Enter Gülhane Park (a beautiful garden in Hoca Paşa Mh., Nöbethane Caddesi) and have fun. Have a Turkish tea in a coffee-shop overlooking the sea, you will enjoy a very beautiful landscape

Have lunch next to Sultan Ahmet near the Egyptian Bazaar at Restaurant Hamdi (ask the passengers, everyone knows it) it makes the most delicious grills you can ever taste

Then visit the Egyptian Bazaar and stroll around Sultan Ahmet.

On your way back, stop at the Eminonu station and get some grilled fish, you can also buy some souvenirs from Istanbul there.

I suggest you to try Kebab Iskender on dinner. It is the specialty of the city of Istanbul and it is original and really delicious

:sixth day in Istanbul

Are you already for the sixth day? it’s time to go shopping, destination the Grand Bazaar you will find their typical products of all tastes. To get there, take the tramway to the Beyazit station. Do not forget that it is open from 9 am to 7 pm and closed all Saturdays. Try to negotiate prices as much as possible not to buy what you want for its double price

Go back to the hotel to get rid of the shopping bags and go out again to spend the evening in a coffee-shop in Dolmabahçe Sarayı, The palace is closed at night, but the coffee-shop overlooking the Bosphorus will be open… a wonderful view

:Last day in Istanbul

The seventh day will not be all yours! You will have to go back to your country… Take your time packing and go have breakfast outside for change. Have a small ride in Istiklal to say goodbye to this beautiful Magic city of Istanbul

I hope you enjoyed the article. for the pictures and any additional information please leave a comment and visit the French and Arabic version of this Trip Guide to Istanbul


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